Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birthday Celebration at Moaning Cavern Park

Time: 16th April, 2014
Place: Moaning Cavern Park
Company: Wife, Daughter
Highlights: Well, we were introduced to the concept of zip-lining when we visited Cabo. But we could not experience it in Cabo. A chance encounter with a brochure in Oakland Airport in late 2013 where we saw 'Free zip line to celebrate your birthday' made us plan this for our birthday in 2014. It reminded us of the freebies we experienced as part of 2013 birthday celebrations
Moaning cavern park boasts of zip line, rock climbing, rappelling, cave walk, etc. Unlike last year, only one activity was free for the birthday person. Of course, we opted for zip line since it was the costliest of the lot which was offered for free. It was great fun albeit only for 40 or so seconds. Wifey also enjoyed a stint at the rock climbing. The cave walk down to 165 feet below (240 steps) was also exhilarating, filled with so much of rich history. Tontu walked a great deal of steps, more than our expectation.

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